BTS RM Says He Sometimes Feels More Comfortable Talking in English

Apr 13, 2022

K-pop boy group BTS' leader RM revealed that talking in English is sometimes more comfortable for him.

On April 9, RM took to BTS' V LIVE channel to host a live broadcast for fans.
BTS RMDuring the live broadcast, RM gave his answers to some of the questions he received from fans―in both Korean and English.

After constantly switching between Korean and English multiple times, RM revealed that he sometimes prefer talking in English more than talking in his mother tongue, Korean.
BTS RMHe explained that whenever he talks in Korean, there are times when he cannot express himself in a way he wants; as he tends to be relatively more cautious.

While talking in English, on the other hand, he revealed that he tends to be more casual and simply express his feelings straight away.

RM said, "When I speak English, you know, it's just 'No, man. It's not a problem.' But when I speak Korean, I'm like 'Hello, thank you for joining us today.' There's such difference."
BTS RMBack in the day, RM revealed that he still put so much effort to polish his English-speaking skills.

He said, "People think I can just speak English whenever I want, but my English gets so band if I don't speak it for just a month."

He added, "Unless you've studied or lived abroad, you forget the language quickly if you don't use it often. That's the thing about language."
(Credit= 'BTS' V LIVE, 'jooniefighting' Twitter)

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