ONEW Teared Up in Front of SHINee Members When They Came to Visit His MV Site?

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 14, 2022

ONEW Teared Up in Front of SHINee Members When They Came to Visit His MV Site?
ONEW of K-pop boy group SHINee shared how supportive his group members have been for his solo album. 

On April 12 episode of KBS Cool FM's radio show 'Music Plaza', ONEW made a guest appearance. 

During the talk, ONEW was asked if his fellow members have been supportive of him while he prepared for his latest solo album 'DICE'. 
ONEWONEW answered, "Yes, they have. KEY actually bought me a incense stick holder the other day. They sent me a snack truck to the music video site, and also came to visit me there."

The SHINee member continued, "When I was filming my performance scenes, MINHO stayed up all night with me, until I finished filming those scenes. He gave me useful advice as well. He said things like, 'In this angle, it would be better to look that way.', 'When you're moving like this, you should try doing this.' and more." 

He went on, "With TAEMIN, I've spoken a lot about my music. He gave me his thoughts on my songs. He told me that he could see why I liked certain songs more than others, which songs I could have expressed better and things like that." 
ONEWThen, ONEW talked about the moment when he was overwhelmed with his emotions in front of the fellow members. 

ONEW said, "When all three of them came to see me at my movie video site, we sat down together for a mini talk. At that time, I thanked them for coming and stuff." 

He resumed, "While saying so, I got too emotional and choked up. I told them with a shaky voice, 'It just feels so good, you know. You guys all came to see me...'" 

He laughingly added, "Instead of tearing up with me though, they started laughing and making fun of me. Apparently, I sounded like I was faking." 
(Credit= KBS Cool FM Music Plaza, 'kbsgayo' Instagram, SM Entertainment) 

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