Han So-hee & ITZY RYUJIN Respond to Being Each Other's Lookalike

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 14, 2022

Han So-hee & ITZY RYUJIN Respond to Being Each Other's Lookalike
Actress Han So-hee and RYUJIN of K-pop girl group ITZY gave their response to being each other's lookalike. 

Recently, one fan of ITZY shared a photo of RYUJIN alongside a photo of Han So-hee taken in a similar angle on Instagram. 

In the caption, the fan wrote, "RYUJIN and Han So-hee are so pretty! They look like sisters but with a different mom and dad." 

Only a few moments after the comparison photos were uploaded, Han So-hee saw the post and 'liked' it. 
Han So-hee and RYUJINNot so long ago, RYUJIN responded to a lot of K-pop as well as K-drama fans saying how much she looked similar to Han So-hee as well. 

RYJIN commented, "I feel good when you guys tell me that I look like Han So-hee, but I'm worried that others may hear it and be like, 'What?'" 

She resumed with a big playful smile, "But do I really look like her at least a little bit?" 
Ever since RYUJIN made debut in February 2019, many have mentioned how she reminded them of Han So-hee, who debuted about two years before her. 

They were not related, but a lot of people even took them as sisters. 

They had such a similar smile, jawline, nose and eyes that some fans struggled to tell which one was Han So-hee and RYUJIN in some photos too. 

One plastic surgeon previously explained that he believes it is mainly their nose and the area around the jaw that make them lookalike. 

But it seems like neighther of them are bothered by it; in fact, they seem to like it. 
Han So-hee and RYUJINHan So-hee and RYUJIN(Credit= Online Community, JYP Entertainment, 'xeesoxee' Instagram)

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