VIDEO: "On Our Right Bum?" RM Gives an Update on BTS' Matching Tattoo

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 14, 2022

VIDEO: "On Our Right Bum?" RM Gives an Update on BTS' Matching Tattoo
RM of K-pop boy group BTS gave an update on the group's matching tattoo that his fellow member V recently talked about. 

On April 9, RM went live on NAVER V LIVE to spend some time with fans. 

During the live broadcast, RM happened to read one fan's comment telling him about V's recent comment on online official fan community that he left about the members of BTS getting a matching tattoo. 

At that time, V told fans, "The members and I have talked about getting a matching tattoo a lot. We really are going to get it one day." 

He added, "We're going to get it where it's not seen well with clothes on. Our right bum, we're thinking."

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RMRegarding this, RM commented, "On our right bum? Haha. It's true that we've been discussing getting a matching tattoo though. We've only spoken about it; we couldn't actually get it done yet." 

He continued, "We're still thinking about what to get. We thought about getting seven dots, the Big Dipper, the number seven... Just getting something with relating to seven, as there are seven of us, you know." 
RMThen, RM shared where on his body he would like to get the matching tattoo. 

The BTS leader stated, "If I'm going to get a tattoo, I want to get it on my ankle or somewhere like that. It'll look simple there." 

He resumed, "But there is a reason why I didn't get any tattoos until now. Tattoos are a unique design on our body, right? But if I get a tattoo on my arm or leg where it is seen easily, I feel like I would get recognized more easily. I don't want to get recognized more because of the tattoo that I have." 

He went on, "For some reason, I don't know whether it is because of my outfit or voice, but people recognize me very easily. As you know, I wear a minimum amount of clothes in the summer. If I have a tattoo where it is seen well, I feel like I'll attract more attention in public, and I don't want that." 
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