VIDEO: IVE Say K-pop Training Curriculum Includes Selfie Lessons Nowadays

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 15, 2022

VIDEO: IVE Say K-pop Training Curriculum Includes Selfie Lessons Nowadays
K-pop girl group IVE shared that K-pop training curriculum includes selfie lessons these days.

On April 14, a popular YouTube channel MMTG uploaded a new video on their channel. 

The video showed the host Jae-jae meeting IVE for an interview. 
IVEDuring the interview, Jae-jae mentioned the members of IVE being excellent at making different facial expressions on stage. 

About this, LEESEO stated, "Ah, it's all thanks to the lessons we received when we were trainees. Our agency has an amazing curriculum. We even received selfie lessons." 

Astonished by an unexpected kind of lesson their agency provided to their trainees, Jae-jae responded in a surprised tone of voice, "No way! Are you serious? You're not lying to me now, right?" 

YUJIN laughed and said, "It's not a lie. I used to take really poor selfies that they gave me a selfie mission as well. I had to take two selfies every day, and get them confirmed by the agency staff." 
IVEThen, the members of IVE also revealed another interesting type of lesson they took at their agency as K-pop trainees. 

REI said, "There was a TikTok class. We had to take TikTok videos by ourselves, then send them to the staff at our agency. They would give us feedback. They would be like, 'How about making this sort of face in that part?'" 

She continued, "We had to add special effects by ourselves too. We would keep practicing making TikTok videos like that." 

To this, YUJIN and WONYOUNG commented, "We've never taken that class though. It was implemented very recently." 

Under this video, a lot of K-pop fans left comments such as, "Wow, STARSHIP Entertainment is really keeping up with the times well.", "It may sound odd if you don't know K-pop, but I can totally see the reasons for their new curriculum!", "Oh! This is why the new K-pop group members are such all-rounders!" and more. 

(Credit= '문명특급 - MMTG' YouTube) 

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