Trevor Noah Describes How Stunning BTS Was at the GRAMMYs

Apr 15, 2022

Trevor Noah, BTS
South African comedian/'The Daily Show' host Trevor Noah shared what was it like to meet K-pop boy group BTS in person at the GRAMMYs.

On April 14, the official YouTube channel of 'The Daily Show with Trevor Noah' shared a short video of Trevor Noah talking about his recent interaction with BTS members.
Trevor Noah, BTSIn the video that was filmed during a short break in between the show's filming, one of the audience asked Trevor Noah, "We're dying to know what it was like to talk to BTS?"

To this, Trevor Noah said, "You know, one thing I love about BTS is, like, they are, first of all, the nicest group of people you'll ever meet."
BTS (GettyImagesKorea)Trevor Noah explained that people always say those things when they meet celebrities, but to him it was different this time.

He continued, "They're just nice in every interaction that they have with people and what they do. They're so good and efficient at what they do. Like they hit their marks."
Trevor Noah, BTSLastly, he said, "Watching them, I was just like, the moves that these kids are doing, and then you think of the boy bands I grew up with, and it was just like... I'm like da**."

You can watch the full clip below:

(Credit= 'The Daily Show with Trevor Noah' YouTube, 'Trevornoah' Twitter, GettyImagesKorea)

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