LISA Talks About BLACKPINK's Exceptional Teamwork & Determination

Apr 15, 2022

LISA of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK shared that all BLACKPINK members try their best to keep their standards up high as a team.

On April 15, fashion magazine ELLE Korea dropped photos from their recent photo shoot and interview with LISA.
BLACKPINK LISADuring the interview, LISA talked about the worldwide success of her solo debut songs, 'LALISA' and 'MONEY'.

LISA said, "I wasn't expecting much in terms of results. I simply thought that I'd do my best, and accept whatever response I received."

She added, "But the songs have been receiving love for such a long time. I'm still consistently receiving photos or videos from overseas fans that they heard 'MONEY' at clubs in their countries."
BLACKPINK LISAWhen asked if she had ever been surprised by her own performance video, LISA revealed that she had once been amazed by a fancam.

LISA recalled, "I once watched a video of myself performing on stage at a concert on the day that I arrived after a long flight. But I looked so excited and energetic in the video."

She added, "That was the moment when I realized, once again, that I really get so much energy from my fans in person at concerts."
BLACKPINK LISALISA also talked about her fellow members, saying, "We always tell each other to work hard at our respective tasks, so that we can maintain our unique standard as a team."

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK is expected to make the group's long-awaited comeback this year.
BLACKPINK LISA(Credit= ELLE Korea, YG Entertainment)

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