VIVIZ Cleverly Prevent the Production Team's Evil Editing

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 15, 2022

VIVIZ Cleverly Prevent the Production Team's Evil Editing
K-pop girl group VIVIZ showed a genius way to prevent evil editing from happening. 

On April 14 episode of Mnet's survival music show 'Queendom 2', VIVIZ wowed K-pop fans with their intelligence. 

In many survival music shows in the past, a lot of evil edits were made. 

For instance, some scenes where the contestants were frowning were used in the scenes when they were not actually frowning then.

VIVIZ recently came up with a great way to prevent the production team to edit them how they want them to be seen to the public. 
VIVIZAs SINB got out of her van, she held up her phone next to her. 

She had used a special mobile application that she could write in big writing to say, "I'm in a good mood." 

Even though she was not smiling, she wanted to make sure that she was not taken as 'moody'. 
VIVIZLater on, VIVIZ members were spotted holding a mini sign while watching the other contestants perform as well. 

The sign said things like, "I'm concentrating right now." and "I'm amazed at them."

It turned out their fans had gifted a set of these mini signs that could let people know how they felt or what they were doing before they joined 'Queendom 2'. 
VIVIZ(Credit= Mnet Queendom 2, Online Community) 

(SBS Star)