"What the...?" Lee Hyo-ri Questions Why Eun Jiwon Is Under the Same Agency as BLACKPINK

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 19, 2022

"What the...?" Lee Hyo-ri Questions Why Eun Jiwon Is Under the Same Agency as BLACKPINK
K-pop artist Lee Hyo-ri raised questions about Eun Jiwon of K-pop boy group SECHSKIES being in the same agency as girl group BLACKPINK. 

On April 15, Lee Hyo-ri and Eun Jiwon were seen heading to a ski resort in a car, where they were planned to meet hip-hop artist DINDIN, duo KOYOTE's members Shin-ji and Kim Jong-min. 
Seoul Check-inWhile they drove to the ski resort, Lee Hyo-ri asked Eun Jiwon, "Which management agency are you being managed by now, oppa?" 

Eun Jiwon answered, "My current agency is YG Entertainment.", which left Lee Hyo-ri open-mouthed. 

Lee Hyo-ri commented in surprise, "Seriously? YG Entertainment? I mean, what are you? What are you to be there? Since when were you that big?" 

Eun Jiwon burst into laughter and responded, "What do you mean what are you to be at YG Entertainment?! YG Entertainment has been my home for years." 
Seoul Check-inThen, Lee Hyo-ri playfully said, "Why is YG Entertainment keeping such an old guy like you? I don't get it. Does that mean you are in the same agency as BLACKPINK?" 

Eun Jiwon nodded and answered, "Yeah, I am." 

Lee Hyo-ri replied, "What the heck! For real? I thought you were just a useless old guy, but it turns out you are actually on a roll right now!" 

"What was that what the heck about? This doesn't mean that I'm on a roll or anything.", Eun Jiwon said while laughing.
Seoul Check-inSeoul Check-inLee Hyo-ri and Eun Jiwon used to be in the same agency when they were active as K-pop groups Fin.K.L and SECHSKIES in the late 90s to early 00s.

(Credit= TVING Seoul Check-in, YG Entertainment) 

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