Kwon Eun Bi Shares How Sweetly Red Velvet Takes Care of Her

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 19, 2022

Kwon Eun Bi Shares How Sweetly Red Velvet Takes Care of Her
K-pop artist Kwon Eun Bi shared that WENDY of K-pop girl group Red Velvet always takes such good care of her. 

On April 14 episode of MBC FM4U's radio show 'Music Party', Kwon Eun Bi made a guest appearance. 

During the talk, the host Kim Shin-young said, "TSUKI of Billlie previously told me that you take really good care of her." 

Kwon Eun Bi responded, "Ah yes, I have. Because it hasn't been long since she made debut, she can't eat much these days. During early debut days, you have to cut down on a lot of food." 

She continued, "So, I felt bad for her. I could just see that she was pushing herself hard. She reminded me of myself around that time, so I tried to feed and look after her whenever I could."  
Kwon Eun BiKim Shin-young commented, "I've heard that you take care of a lot of other K-pop stars too. I feel like you are the leader of all K-pop stars." 

Then, she asked, "That got me thinking, who takes care of you in that case? Is there any K-pop star who looks after you?" 

Kwon Eun Bi immediately gave her answer, "WENDY is my angel. She is the kind of person who gives me everything she has." 

Kim Shin-young agreed and said, "Ah yes, I'm totally with you. She's really caring. Even when I tell her not to bring me stuff, she's always bringing me stuff like cookies and pies to eat." 

Kwon Eun Bi stated, "Exactly! I told her about the release of my new album, and she was like, 'What vitamins do you take? I want to send you the ones I'm taking." 

"She also said she wanted to send me some ice cream that I like. She's so sweet.", she added. 
Kwon Eun BiAfter that, Kim Shin-young mentioned the time when she was touched by WENDY's kindness. 

Kim Shin-young said, "When I had some problems with my vocal cords, WENDY sent me the good stuff that she took when she had vocal fold nodules." 

She went on, "On top of the stuff she sent me, there was a handwritten memo from her as well. WENDY's amazing." 
Kwon Eun Bi(Credit= 'sbsyoungstreet' Instagram, MBC FM4U Music Party) 

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