SEUNGRI's Sister Asks Fans to Leave Messages to Him

Apr 20, 2022

SEUNGRI and his sister
K-pop boy group BIGBANG's former member SEUNGRI's younger sister asked fans for messages to send to him; and fans criticized her shameless demeanor.

On April 19, SEUNGRI's sister took to her Instagram and shared a message for her brother's fans.

She wrote, "He misses you guys. If you guys have something to tell him, please contact me. I'll pass it on to him instead."
SEUNGRI (Yonhap)Fans pointed out that she wrote her message only in English, as she knows that her brother no longer has fans in Korea after the 'Burning Sun' incident.

They also said that his sister is shameless for continuing to ask fans' support for the celebrity-turned-criminal.

Some of the comments include, "He doesn't deserve to miss his fans. This is insane.", "Isn't SEUNGRI in prison? After all the crimes, and this?", etc.
SEUNGRISEUNGRI is currently serving one year and six months in prison for nine criminal charges, including:

△Embezzlement △Violation of food sanitation laws △Sexual Assault △Illegal camera filming △Solicitation of prostitution △Habitual illegal gambling △Illegal foreign monetary transfer △Assault

(Credit= Online Community, Yonhap News Agency)

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