"I Can Even Die for Her" DAWN Shares He Used Half of His Money to Buy HyunA the Ring

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 20, 2022

"I Can Even Die for Her" DAWN Shares He Used Half of His Money to Buy HyunA the Ring
K-pop artist DAWN revealed that he used half of his money to buy his girlfriend another K-pop artist HyunA the ring that he gave her earlier this year. 

On April 19, one popular YouTube channel uploaded a video of DAWN and HyunA on their channel. 

While talking with the hosts, one of the hosts Lee Yong-jin asked them how far they could go for each other. 

Lee Yong-jin asked HyunA, "If DAWN asked you if he could borrow 80 percent of all the money you have, but specifically asked you not to ask him why. Would you lend it to him?" 

HyunA answered, "I would, but I'll get him to sign an agreement. He'll have to pay me back no matter what it takes. If he isn't capable of paying me back, then he shouldn't have even asked me for the money in the first place, and I'm not going to lend it to him." 

She continued, "For me, it's just like, pay me back. I still won't ask why, because I believe there is a good reason he doesn't want me to ask him why." 
DAWNThen, Lee Yong-jin looked at DAWN for his answer; DAWN responded, "I can die for her." 

He went on, "But I don't think I would be able to lend her money. If I die, I won't be able to regret anything, since I'm not alive anymore. If I did something for her, then regret later though, I feel like that would make me feel too sad." 

After hearing this, Lee Yong-jin asked DAWN if he could die for HyunA like 'Jack' died for 'Rose' in the movie 'Titanic'. 

DAWN laughed and commented, "Ah, no, because I'm too scared of water. I think that would be too scary for me. I can't even go in the water with a life jacket on. I can definitely die for her. Just not that way." 
DAWNLee Yong-jin said, "Okay, but are you really not going to lend her any of your money? What if you had 10 billion won(approximately 8 million dollars)? Would you be willing to lend her at least a billion won?" 

DAWN gave his answer, "Ah yes, that would be possible.", which made HyunA finally smile. 

To his answer, HyunA smiled and stated, "I almost took my ring off earlier."

As Lee Yong-jin saw the ring, he asked, "This is that ring, isn't it? The engagement ring?" 

DAWN said, "This is a customized ring. I got this and mine made. I actually spent 50 percent of my money on the rings.", making the hosts surprised. 

Back in February, DAWN and HyunA showed off matching rings on their Instagram. 

On Instagram, DAWN wrote, "MARRY ME" with a blue heart emoji, and HyunA wrote in response, "Of course! Definitely yes!" then. 

Although they never clarified whether they were engaged, but it is still suspected that they are. 
DAWNDAWN and HyunA have been together since 2016, and made their relationship public in 2018.

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