IVE WONYOUNG Sheds Tears While Receiving Comfort from Her Fan

Apr 20, 2022

WONYOUNG of K-pop girl group IVE was spotted shedding tears during her recent video fan call event.

Recently, IVE held the group's video call event, celebrating the release of IVE's second single 'LOVE DIVE'.

After the event, one video of WONYOUNG having a 1:1 video call with an overseas fan went viral on various K-pop communities.
IVE WONYOUNGIn the video, the fan told WONYOUNG, "For many months, I had a lot of stress and was not in a good mood. But whenever I see your stage and photos, I feel so happy."

The fan continued, "I look forward to every day because I can meet you."
IVE WONYOUNGAfter hearing the fans' words expressing thanks to her, WONYOUNG began to tear up and eventually started to cry throughout the call.

While it seems like WONYOUNG was truly touched by the fans' warm words, some fans expressed worries as WONYOUNG is known to her fans as someone who rarely sheds tears.

They commented, "She's been suffering too much from malicious comments these days. I feel bad for her.", "Don't cry WONYOUNG, let's just focus on good things, okay?", and more.
(Credit= 'KISHYly0831' Twitter, STARSHIP Entertainment)

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