Other Stars Want to Avoid Standing Next to Yang Yo Seop Because of His Tiny Face?

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 21, 2022

Other Stars Want to Avoid Standing Next to Yang Yo Seop Because of His Tiny Face?
It looks like Yang Yo Seop of K-pop boy group Highlight is someone that everyone wants to avoid standing next to because of a funny reason. 

On April 18 episode of KBS Cool FM's radio show 'Music Plaza', MIMI of girl group OH MY GIRL, comedienne Eom Ji-yoon and comedian Cho Jin-se made a guest appearance. 

After wrapping up the show, they were asked to stand together for some photos by the production team. 

But nobody wanted to stand next to Yang Yo Seop; they went as closer to the wall as possible and even asked him to step near the camera. 

Once Yang Yo Seop stood closer to the camera, they finally all smiled for the photos in satisfaction. 

It turned out that they did not want their faces to look too big next to him, as he has a tiny face.
Yang Yo SeopLast year, well-known lyricist Kim Eana held a concert and invited Yang Yo Seop as a guest. 

At that time when they were having a talk on stage before Yang Yo Seop performed, Kim Eana was seen standing far behind Yang Yo Seop. 

Yang Yo Seop had to have a conversation with her talking behind him, without him being able to see her while he spoke. 

Kim Eana also laughingly explained that this was because of his small face. 
Yang Yo SeopYang Yo SeopYang Yo Seop is known for his tiny face―his face is much smaller than many stars who are known for having a small face themselves. 

When compared to some stars with a 'normal' to 'a-little-oversized' face, his face is almost the half the size of theirs. 

So, in order to avoid their face to look strangely big, funnily enough, a lot of stars are 'avoiding' standing next to Yang Yo Seop. 
Yang Yo SeopYang Yo Seop(Credit= 'kbsgayo' Instagram, KBS Cool FM Music Plaza, '재단법인빛이나' YouTube, KBS, MBC, Online Community) 

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