This Former K-pop Star Ties the Knot with Her Manager

Apr 22, 2022

Yoo Na Gyeol
Actress Yoo Na Gyeol, best known as Yeoreum of disbanded K-pop girl group Hello Venus, is getting married to her former manager.

According to reports on April 21, Yoo Na Gyeol will tie the knot with Hello Venus' former manager on May 29.
Yoo Na GyeolThe couple first met as an artist and a manager, and eventually fell in love. Yoo Na Gyeol's fiancé is no longer in the entertainment industry.

The former Hello Venus member had previously made headlines for accepting the bouquet at her fellow member Lime's wedding ceremony last month.
Yoo Na GyeolShe also shared photos from her recent bridal shower on her Instagram, announcing that she will get married soon.
Yoo Na GyeolHello VenusYoo Na Gyeol made her debut as Yeoreum of Hello Venus in 2014, and she has been promoting as an actress since 2019.

Although Hello Venus has officially disbanded on April 26, 2019, she will continue to promote as an actress by taking part in various projects.

(Credit= 'hv_maknae' Instagram, Fantagio)

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