2PM JUNHO Buys Pizza to the Workers at the Facility Where He Served His Duty

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 22, 2022

2PM JUNHO Buys Pizza to the Workers at the Facility Where He Served His Duty
JUNHO of K-pop boy group 2PM bought pizza to the workers at the facility for the disabled where he served his national mandatory duty. 

On April 21, a post about JUNHO was uploaded on a popular online community. 

The uploader stated that her aunt worked at a facility for the disabled, where JUNHO served his alternative military service for almost two years. 

She explained that she wanted to upload this post right after he completed his alternative military service in March 2021, but she was not sure if it was okay to post something like that online, so decided not to then. 

But as her aunt and other facility workers recently received such a thoughtful gift from JUNHO that she finally made a decision to upload the post. 
JUNHOApril 20 was the 'National Day of Persons with Disabilities', and on this day, JUNHO gifted pizza to the facility. 

He bought 10 pizzas, each in different styles and with toppings, for the 16 workers there. 

Even though it has been over a year since he finished his duty and he has hectic life, he still remembered when the 'National Day of Persons with Disabilities' was and the people who worked hard for the disabled on that day. 
JUNHOAlong with this heartwarming story, the uploader shared her aunt telling her about the great effort that he put into his work while he was serving his duty. 

JUNHO said to have done anything even difficult work without complaining a single time, and kept up the good work from day one there until the last day. 

He also did not overuse his day-offs and sick leaves, and donated a brand new van for the facility users to easily engage in external activities. 

The van is said to have costed JUNHO around 30 million won (approximately 25,000 dollars), according to reports that were made at that time. 

She wrapped up the post by stating that she wishes that he keeps succeeding in his career, because he deserves it. 
JUNHO(Credit= 'le2jh' Instagram, Online Community) 

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