Jeon So Min Shares Cute Photos from Her Past

Apr 22, 2022

Jeon So Min
Actress Jeon So Min shared never-before-seen photos of herself that were taken when she was younger.

On April 21, Jeon So Min updated her Instagram with multiple photos of herself.
Jeon So MinJeon So MinAlong with the photo, the actress wrote, "Oh! A long time ago, Cyworld."
CyworldCyworld is a once-popular South Korean social media platform, where users can make their own mini-homepage (called 'mini-homepi') and share their photos and notes with their friends.

The microblogging platform has recently announced its 'reincarnation', and gave its users an access to their past posts.
Jeon So MinJeon So MinIt seems like Jeon So Min has also accessed to her past mini-homepi and downloaded a few photos of herself that were taken more than a decade ago.

Upon seeing Jeon So Min's past photos, fans commented, "Unnie, Your face hasn't changed a bit!", "How can you look exactly the same?", "I think she's a vampire or something.", "So cute and lovely." and more.
Jeon So MinMeanwhile, Jeon So Min is set to make her small screen return with JTBC's new drama 'Cleaning Up' in the first half of this year.

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