2PM JUNHO & Song Joong Ki Are So Close that They Even Bought the Same Car?

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 22, 2022

2PM JUNHO & Song Joong Ki Are So Close that They Even Bought the Same Car?
It was just revealed that JUNHO of K-pop boy group 2PM and actor Song Joong Ki are so close that they even bought the same car. 

On April 21 episode of KBS' television show 'Entertainment Weekly Live', JUNHO and Song Joong Ki's friendship was depicted. 

According to 'Entertainment Weekly Live', the two stars met while filming 'Let's Go Dream Team' in the past, both in their early debut. 
JUNHO and Song Joong KiFor the past 13 years since, they have been maintaining their close friendship. 

They said to have a similar personality, which brought them closer to each other. 

Whenever they have ongoing projects, they would send a snack truck and attend the premiere in support for one another as well. 

JUNHO often asks Song Joong Ki for advice on acting, as Song Joong Ki is much more experienced in the field than himself, 'Entertainment Weekly Live' explained.  

The surprising fact was that they bought the same car with the exact same options when they purchased their first-ever car. 
JUNHO and Song Joong KiPreviously when Song Joong Ki held his fan meetings, JUNHO often made a guest appearance. 

Then earlier this year, when JUNHO's fan meeting took place, Song Joong Ki guested the event. 

At that time, Song Joong Ki said, "I really want to work with JUNHO in a project together. I'm desperate for it. I need that to happen!" 

He continued with a playful smile, "If possible, I would love to act as JUNHO's brother in our future project. I want to act his brother, who just won't listen to his words." 
JUNHO and Song Joong Ki(Credit= 'hi_songjoongki' Instagram, KBS Entertainment Weekly Live) 

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