DKZ Shares Whether JAECHAN's Popularity After 'Semantic Error' Comes as Pressure to Them

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 22, 2022

DKZ Shares Whether JAECHAN's Popularity After 'Semantic Error' Comes as Pressure to Them
K-pop boy group DKZ's members shared if their group member JAECHAN's great popularity affected them negatively in any ways. 

On April 19, one fashion magazine posted their interview with DKZ online.

During the interview, DKZ talked about the recent changes in their group name and members. 

Recently, their group name went from DONGKIZ to DKZ, and three new members were added to the group―SEHYEON, MINGYU and GISEOK. 

JAECHAN, KYOUNGYOON and JONGHYEONG said, "The three new members really remind us of ourselves when we had just made debut." 

They laughingly continued, "Since we've become quite used to performing on stage now, we envy them, because everything will feel so new to them." 

The new guys SEHYEON, MINGYU and GISEOK responded, "We were able to learn a lot from JAECHAN, KYOUNGYOON and JONGHYEONG." 

MINGYU added, "I especially thank JONGHYEONG for saying, 'You can ask me any questions that you want to know. I'll let you know when I've had enough of them, okay? Feel free to ask me anything whenever you want.' to me."
DKZDKZThen, the members of DKZ mentioned JAECHAN's soaring popularity after his appearance in the recently-released series 'Semantic Error'. 

'Semantic Error' is a BL (Boys Love) series based on a popular webtoon, which was one of the most talked about series among young generation that was premiered earlier this year. 

In the series, JAECHAN took the lead role of a robot-like college student 'Choo Sang-woo' alongside actor Park Seo Ham, who played the character 'Jang Jae-young'―a popular student at a university, studying Visual Design. 

Regarding this, they said, "The sudden attention on JAECHAN and our group doesn't give us any pressure. Actually, it's become our motivations to work harder." 

JAECHAN also stated, "I felt grateful that the viewers of 'Semantic Error' also gave their interest to our group. So, I very much looked forward to making this comeback." 
DKZMeanwhile, DKZ dropped sixth single 'CHASE EPISODE 2. MAUM' with the title track 'Cupid' on April 12. 

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