Yu Jae Seok & Song Ji-hyo Explain Why They Aren't Active on Social Media

Apr 25, 2022

Running Man
Entertainer Yu Jae Seok and actress Song Ji-hyo explained the reasons why they don't use Kakaotalk and other social media channels.

On April 24 episode of SBS' variety show 'Running Man', the cast members answered several questions sent by fans in celebration of the 600th episode of the show.
Running ManDuring the talk, Yu Jae Seok was asked why he doesn't use Kakaotalk, the biggest smartphone messaging app of South Korea.

To this, Yu Jae Seok said, "There would be too many phone numbers and chat rooms that I would have to take care of. To me, that would probably be a hassle."
Running ManSong Ji-hyo chimed in and shared that she sometimes feels that there are too many unnecessary messages in Kakaotalk chat rooms.

When Kim Jong-kook said those unnecessary messages might also be fun, Song Ji-hyo said, "I don't want to give up on many things just for those fun things that last for a short while."
Running ManYu Jae Seok also shared why he doesn't have any social media account.

He explained, "I don't know why I have to be active on social media. I don't take photos that much. I don't have any plan to make one (social media account) at the moment."

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