Song Joong Ki Shares How Harsh the K-drama Industry Was Back in His Rookie Days

Apr 26, 2022

Song Joong Ki
Actor Song Joong Ki talked about the time when he first got an acting role with actual lines.

On April 22, Song Joong Ki's management agency HiSTORY D&C shared a new video on their official YouTube channel.
Song Joong Ki
In the video, HiSTORY D&C's actors and actresses―including Song Joong Ki―talked about how they first got into the field of acting and the hardships they suffered along the way.
Song Joong KiSong Joong Ki shared that it was not easy to find roles to build his filmography.

He said, "I picked up small roles all by myself because I didn't even have an agency at the time," and reminisced about the time when he first got an actual role.

He explained, "I was able to get my first role with one complete line, thanks to my senior at college."
Song Joong KiSong Joong Ki then shared that his lack of acting experience and rookie status caused some tensions with the rest of the cast.

The actor said, "I was some nobody for the role of 'Reporter 3', and the cast who played Reporter 1 and 2 dragged me to the corner while they were setting up for the next shooting."

He continued, "They asked me how I was able to get the role, because I didn't realize how big this opportunity really is to rookie actors. I didn't know why they were asking that. But then I realized that competition is fierce in this world."
Song Joong Ki(Credit= SBS Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung, 'historydnc' YouTube)

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