Yu Jae Seok Reveals the Reason Why 'Running Man' No Longer Features the Name Tag Game

Apr 26, 2022

Running Man
Entertainer Yu Jae Seok explained the reason why 'Running Man' stopped featuring the signature 'Name Tag' game.

On April 24 episode of SBS' variety show 'Running Man', the cast members commemorated the show's 600th episode by having a Q&A session.
Running ManDuring the Q&A session, the cast members were asked why they no longer plays the name tag game.

Many fans have speculated that it was probably due to the cast members getting older, preventing injury from such intense game.
Running ManTo this, Yu Jae Seok said, "The reason we no longer play the name tag game is not because of our age. It has nothing to do with that."

He continued to explain, "It is because of how difficult it is to come up with different variations of the game. We once played the game again due to the viewers' continuous demand, but we saw a drastic drop in our viewership ratings."

The rest of cast members chimed in and laughingly added, "You guys say you want it back, then you don't watch it!"
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