Filipina-Argentinian Trainee CHANTY to Make a Girl Group Debut This Year

Apr 27, 2022

Filipina-Argentinian K-pop trainee Chantal Videla (CHANTY) is confirmed to make her debut in the latter half of this year.

Recently, MLD Entertainment CEO Lee Hyung-jin sat down for his press interview.
Lee Hyung-jinHome to K-pop girl group MOMOLAND and boy group T1419, MLD Entertainment is reportedly planning on launching a new girl group this year.

To this, Lee Hyung-jin confirmed, "Our company's new girl group, LAPILLUS, is in preparation for its debut around June."

When asked more about the upcoming girl group, the CEO shared, "The group consists of members who speak Spanish, English, Tagalog, Chinese, and Japanese."

He added, "The confirmed members will be revealed one by one from the third week of next month, and this include Filipina-Argentinian singer/actress CHANTY, and 'Girls Planet 999' contestand Nonaka Shana."
CHANTYCHANTYBorn in December 2002 in Manila, the Philippines, CHANTY not only is a multilingual but also a multi-talented trainee.

Even before her official debut, she already has several modeling experiences, and she also took part in various Filipino acting projects including 'Familia Blondina', 'Mystery of the Twin Bat', 'Starla', and more.

(Credit= MLD Entertainment)

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