Wi Ha-jun Says He Tried to Stay Humble After the Success of 'Squid Game'

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 27, 2022

Wi Ha-jun Says He Tried to Stay Humble After the Success of 'Squid Game'
Actor Wi Ha-jun shared that he tried to be modest after the success of 'Squid Game'. 

On April 27, fashion magazine DAZED KOREA released an interview of Wi Ha-jun online. 

During the interview, Wi Ha-jun talked about his popularity following his appearance in the global sensation 'Squid Game' by Netflix last year. 

Wi Ha-jun said, "I might gain a lot of attention one day, but it might be gone with the wind the next day. I wasn't affected by the great amount of attention I got after 'Squid Game' in any ways."

He continued, "I'm not sure how exactly I have that sort of mindset, but I feel like I was trained for it from the very early age of my life. My parents always told me to stay humble." 
Wi Ha-junThe actor stated that he tried to stay humble since his debut. 

Wi Ha-jun said, "When I started acting, I had a minor role. Even from that point, I reminded myself that I have to stay humble." 

He resumed, "I kept telling myself, 'Let's just keep working hard, and do what you have to do.' I didn't want people to say that I've changed." 
Wi Ha-junBut the success gave him confidence, Wi Ha-jun commented.

He revealed, "To be honest, I have much more confidence now. At the same time though, my responsibilities have become greater."

With an awkward laugh, he added, "Sometimes, I'm like, 'I can definitely pull that off!', but other times, I'm like, 'I should do better than that.'" 
Wi Ha-jun'Squid Game' is a series in which contestants who are deeply in debt play children's games in order to win a ton of cash. 

In 'Squid Game', Wi Ha-jun played the role of a young detective named 'Hwang Jun-ho' who infiltrates the 'game' in search of his older brother. 

Wi Ha-jun made his official acting debut with a movie 'Coin Locker Girl' in 2015. 

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