EunHyuk Says Lee Gi Kwang & TAEMIN Robbed(?) Him at a Clothing Store in the U.S.

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 27, 2022

EunHyuk Says Lee Gi Kwang & TAEMIN Robbed(?) Him at a Clothing Store in the U.S.
EunHyuk of K-pop boy group Super Junior talked about Lee Gi Kwang of boy group Highlight and TAEMIN of boy group SHINee robbing(?) him at a clothing store in the United States in the past. 

On April 27 episode of KBS Cool FM's radio show 'Music Plaza', EunHyuk made a guest appearance.

While having a conversation together, EunHyuk and Lee Gi Kwang reminisced the time when they shot JTBC's television show 'WHY NOT―The Dancer' together in 2018. 

'WHY NOT―The Dancer' was filmed in Los Angeles; it depicted EunHyuk, Lee Gi Kwang and TAEMIN collaborating with renowned dancers in L.A. for one-and-only choreography. 
EunHyuk, TAEMIN and Lee Gi KwangEunHyuk said, "I remember cooking together at the place that we were staying. It wasn't anything fancy, but I remember us going like, 'This is good. This is so American.'" 

Lee Gi Kwang laughed and responded, "I made some toast with bacon for you, remember that? I was like, 'This is American style.'" 

EunHyuk answered, "Ah yes. I think I remember those times when we had good conversations with a can of beer together better than the times I spent dancing there." 
EunHyuk, TAEMIN and Lee Gi KwangLee Gi Kwang nodded and commented, "You bought us these really nice expensive clothes for us then." 

After laughing, EunHyuk playfully stated, "I wouldn't say that it was my entire will to buy those clothes for you two, but I did buy them indeed. I think it was more like you guys robbed me at the store though." 

He continued, "You and TAEMIN kept going, 'Oh, sunbae-nim, you are amazing, blah blah blah.' I had no choice. In that episode, it looks like I was happy to purchase the clothes, but I honestly got robbed in real life, everyone." 
EunHyuk, TAEMIN and Lee Gi KwangLee Gi Kwang laughingly said, "Actually, you asked, 'Don't you want to get anything more?' at that time, so I was going to pick one more up for myself, but I decided not to in the end. I still wear the stuff that you bought for me." 

With a smile, EunHyuk added, "Well, it's all a memory, isn't it? When you see the clothes, it takes you back to that time, right? That's why I bought them for you and TAEMIN." 

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