Fans Notice IVE WONYOUNG Likes to Wear the Same Clothes for Years

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 27, 2022

Fans Notice IVE WONYOUNG Likes to Wear the Same Clothes for Years
It has been discovered that WONYOUNG of K-pop girl group IVE wears the same clothes for years. 

Recently, one fan of WONYOUNG shared an interesting fact about the K-pop star on a popular online community. 

The uploader pointed out that WONYOUNG often tends to keep clothes for quite some time and wears them for a long time. 

To prove this, the uploader added some photos of WONYOUNG in the past and current WONYOUNG wearing the same clothes. 
WONYOUNGWONYOUNGIn the first set of past photos, WONYOUNG wore checked shirts in red/black and black/white in 2018. 

WONYOUNG was spotted wearing these for reality show shootings this year. 

The next past photo showed WONYOUNG wearing a black padded jacket in 2017. 

WONYOUNG wore the same jacket following her debut; she explained that she had the jacket since the first year in middle school when she wore it not too long ago. 
WONYOUNGFinally, the last past photo was of WONYOUNG shopping in Los Angeles, the United States. 

At a clothing store, she bought a beautiful flower-patterned dress. 

A short while ago, WONYOUNG shared a photo of her wearing this particular dress on her Instagram. 
WONYOUNGEven though she may have countless clothes at home, it came as a surprise to many that she kept these clothes without throwing them away all this time. 

(Credit= STARSHIP Entertainment, Online Community) 

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