SUNMI Clarifies the Press' Misunderstanding That She Allegedly "Lied" to Them

Apr 28, 2022

Singer SUNMI clarified a misunderstanding with the press, who expressed discomfort after her team allegedly lied to them with the exit she chose at the airport.

On April 26, SUNMI arrived at Incheon International Airport after wrapping up her personal schedule in Los Angeles, the United States.

The singer coincidentally returned on the same day as K-pop girl group TWICE, who has been in Japan for the group's world tour.
SUNMIAccording to reports, reporters that had finished covering TWICE members' arrival at Gate B moved over to Gate A, the informed gate where SUNMI would be coming out from.

Seeing the reporters, SUNMI's manager informed reporters to gather at Gate B instead and moved to Gate B.

Just before SUNMI's arrival, however, the manager reportedly moved to Gate A, and SUNMI was seen coming out from Gate A.
SUNMIAfter the incident, multiple news outlets reported that SUNMI and her team ended up lying to them, and pointed out that SUNMI had some attitude seeing the camera.

One of the news outlets even captioned, "The difference between when she has a sponsored product on or not," as many celebrities often wear sponsored items to the airport and cooperate with reporters on taking their photos.

It seems like the news outlet speculated that she might have shown a different attitude as she was not wearing sponsored products at the time.

Shortly after the reports, SUNMI took to her Instagram and clarified the misunderstanding herself.
SUNMISUNMI wrote, "To be honest, I didn't know there would be reporters (at the airport) as it was a personal schedule. As I was only with my younger siblings without my manager, it seems like the manager (who was at the outside of the gate) had some miscommunication with my siblings."

She went on, "I'm sorry. I've always been bright at the airport, but I was definitely taken aback that time. Plus! I didn't have any sponsored items in the photo on the right either..."

To this, fans commented, "Celebrities also have their rights to have some privacy.", "I honestly don't see any problems here. Leave her alone!", "Let her be however she wants to be. It was her 'personal schedule'.", and more.

(Credit= 'miyayeah' Instagram)

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