Park Bo Young Says She Hides in the Restroom to Listen to the Audience Reviewing Her Movies

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 28, 2022

Park Bo Young Says She Hides in the Restroom to Listen to the Audience Reviewing Her Movies
Actress Park Bo Young shared an interesting way that she uses to find out how the audience responds to her movies. 

On April 27, Park Bo Young guested on tvN's television show 'You Quiz on the Block'. 

During the talk, Park Bo Young revealed how hard it is for her to get honest responses on her movies from her actor/actress friends. 

Park Bo Young said, "For a VIP preview, I would usually invite my friends who work in the same industry as I do. When I ask them for their review, they're usually just like, 'It was good. I liked it!'" 

She continued, "As I felt like they weren't being honest with me, I always ask them, 'Seriously though, is it really good?', 'Be honest with me.', 'Tell me honestly.' Lee Kwang Soo and I are always saying this to each other, actually." 
Park Bo YoungDespite her tries, Park Bo Young said she failed to get honest responses from people around her, so she found another way to get the audience's opinion. 

The actress said, "What I did was to get a ticket to the movies, and sit at the very back. Instead of focusing on the movie, I watched the audience's response to each scene. I like figuring out which scenes they find funny." 

She went on, "When the movie ends, I would walk slowly towards the exit among the crowd. While I walk, I would carefully listen to their words. But there is a better place where I can get their honest opinion, and it's the restroom." 

She laughingly resumed, "I would hide in the restroom, and listen to what people say about my movies there. It's really the best place for it. They tend to make sharp criticism in the restroom as well." 
Park Bo YoungThen, Park Bo Young talked about this one time when she heard a woman criticizing her acting as she washed her hands right next to them. 

Park Bo Young said, "She was like, 'She wasn't very good in it, wasn't she?' After hearing that, I kept thinking to myself, 'Was my acting that bad? Did I really do a bad job?'"

She added, "But I do this every time my movie comes out. I want the audience's real and honest responses, you know." 
Park Bo Young(Credit= tvN You Quiz on the Block) 

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