THE BOYZ YOUNGHOON Faces Criticism After Taking Staff Members for Granted

Apr 28, 2022

YOUNGHOON of K-pop boy group THE BOYZ is in the center of criticism after he allegedly took his staff members for granted during a recent live broadcast.

On April 27, a post titled, 'YOUNGHOON, isn't this what celebrity power abuse looks like?' went viral online.

In the post, the writer included screenshots of YOUNGHOON's live broadcast that was held on the same day.
THE BOYZ YOUNGHOONWhile interacting with his fans, YOUNGHOON said, "I kind of want to drink some orange juice. I'm saying this because by saying it like this, I feel like I will be able to drink it soon."

Just like he said, one of his staff members delivered a cup of orange juice to him.
THE BOYZ YOUNGHOONAfter that, YOUNGHOON said to his fans, "Do (my wishes) all come true when I just say it? Should we test how far this goes?", and said that he wants to eat a piece of cake that he ate the other day.
THE BOYZ YOUNGHOONYOUNGHOON's such remarks garnered divided reactions among fans.

While most of them are saying that he was just showing how friendly and attentive his staff members are, others criticized that his words are the example of 'celebrity disease'; celebrities taking their staff members' (or fans') support for granted after their rapid rise to stardom.

The comments include, "Staff members are not your friends. No excuses for that.", "That looks so rude. I can tell that he will be worse behind the camera.", "It would be better if he at least said thank you.", and more.

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