"After Meeting Kim Tae Ri..." WJSN BONA Shares the Difference Between K-pop Star & Actress

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 28, 2022

"After Meeting Kim Tae Ri..." WJSN BONA Shares the Difference Between K-pop Star & Actress
BONA of K-pop girl group WJSN shared that she found the difference between a K-pop star and actress after meeting actress Kim Tae Ri. 

On April 27 episode of MBC's television show 'Radio Star', BONA made a guest appearance. 

During the talk, BONA spoke about her recently-ended drama 'Twenty Five Twenty One' that she featured in with Kim Tae Ri. 

In the drama, BONA and Kim Tae Ri acted as talented and skilled fencers for the national team. 
BONAAbout her great fencing ability that she showed in the drama, BONA said, "Right after I received a call that I got the part in the drama, I practiced fencing every day. I received private lessons from the gold medalist fencer, and practiced it every single day for three months." 

She continued, "Tae Ri and I are rivals in the drama, but we also fought with each other before we began shooting. Tae Ri had started learning and practicing fencing like four months ahead of me though. Her body was much more used to using those muscles for fencing than me." 

"Because we are both very competitive people, the person who lost would always say, 'Let's do another round next week.'", she laughingly commented. 
BONAThen, the hosts asked which of them was better at fencing. 

BONA laughed and answered, "Tae Ri is much better than I am. She is much more accurate and fast. But when it comes to fights you've got to have luck and be able to use little tricks. I think I was better at that than her." 

She resumed, "During those fights, I realized the difference between a K-pop star and actress. I feel like actresses lay great groundwork for what they have to do. They are good at preparing themselves well to learn the basic skills." 

The WJSN member lastly stated, "But with K-pop stars, we are just used to making maximum efficiency in the shortest time. So, I think I learned to win fights rather than having good basic skills for fencing." 
BONA(Credit= MBC Radio Star, tvN Twenty Five Twenty One) 

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