Brave Girls MINYOUNG Gets Angry Upon Discovering Her Fans Have to Pay to Join a Fan Club

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 29, 2022

Brave Girls MINYOUNG Gets Angry Upon Discovering Her Fans Have to Pay to Join a Fan Club
MINYOUNG of K-pop girl group Brave Girls became furious upon finding out her fans had to pay to join the official fan club. 

Recently, one past conversation that MINYOUNG had with fans through an online fan chat in the end of last year went viral online. 

In this conversation, one fan told MINYOUNG about Brave Girls' management agency making an official fan club for the group. 

To this, MINYOUNG responded, "Ah, yes. I did hear that they're getting you guys to join our official fan club. Do you have to pay for that, by the way?" 
MINYOUNGAs fans told her that there is a 'membership fee', MINYOUNG asked, "Why is there a fee? Why do you have to pay to be our fan? Is that usually the case?"

Fans explained that all other fan clubs ask fans for the 'membership fee', and MINYOUNG raised a question about that too. 

She said, "Just because all the other groups are getting their fans to pay to join the fan club, it doesn't mean we should also do the same. Can't we be different?" 

She angrily continued, "Let me ask my agency staff if we can lower the fee or something. I really hate that they're keep making you guys to spend money. I'm so annoyed." 
MINYOUNGAs if MINYOUNG still could not get rid of her anger, she continued to share how she did not think it was right for fans to pay to join a fan club. 

MINYOUNG said, "Seriously though, don't you think it's funny that we also have to get you guys to pay, simply because all the others are doing it? It's not like it's a law." 

She resumed, "We were able to come this far all thanks to you. We couldn't have done it without you. How is it right for us to get you to pay to become our fan? Am I the only one thinking this way? I don't know." 

She added, "Anyway, everyone. Just know that I'm always sorry for everything. And thank you." 
MINYOUNGAfter reading this conversation between Brave Girls' fans and MINYOUNG, all other K-pop fans were touched by how caring and sweet MINYOUNG is towards her fans. 

(Credit= 'bravegirls.official' Facebook, Online Community) 

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