TXT SOOBIN & YEONJUN Tell What They Think the K-pop Scene Is Like Nowadays

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 29, 2022

TXT SOOBIN & YEONJUN Tell What They Think the K-pop Scene Is Like Nowadays
SOOBIN and YEONJUN of K-pop boy group TOMORROW X TOGETHER shared what they think the K-pop scene is like these days. 

On April 28, fashion magazine DAZED KOREA released their recent interview of SOOBIN and YEONJUN.

While they discussed the scent of one cologne by Dior, SOOBIN said, "It's really cool. The cool scent gives off chic vibes."

Then, the interviewer compared YEONJUN's intense but delicate dance to the cologne. 

YEONJUN responded, "Yeah, I mean, I feel like all the restrictions and limits aren't there anymore when I dance. It's a way that I can express myself the most freely." 
SOOBIN and YEONJUNThen, they were asked what they thought the industry of K-pop is like now. 

SOOBIN answered, "It's filled with K-pop stars with various styles and works. You'll find K-pop stars who have great talent, concept, music and performance with ease." 

He continued, "It won't be hard to find the group that is of your type. There are so many groups out there, and you'll definitely be able to find one.", sharing his love for his work and industry.
SOOBIN and YEONJUNYEONJUN also mentioned becoming the new host of SBS' music show 'Inkigayo' recently. 

YEONJUN said, "I'm really happy about this new experience. It's all so new and fun for me. The chemistry with the other two hosts is incredible. I'm glad that I'm hosting the show with such amazing people." 
SOOBIN and YEONJUNLast month, TOMORROW X TOGETHER welcomed the group's third debut anniversary; they made debut in March 2019. 

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