"We're Just Friends Now" Block B U-KWON & Jeon Sun-hye Break Up After 10 Years

By  Lee Narin  | May 2, 2022

"We're Just Friends Now" Block B U-KWON & Jeon Sun-hye Break Up After 10 Years
U-KWON of K-pop boy group Block B and model Jeon Sun-hye have broken up with each other after 10 years. 

On May 1, Jeon Sun-hye updated her Instagram with a new post regarding her relationship with U-KWON. 

In her post, she said, "Many of you have been sending me messages after seeing my recent Stories, worrying about me." 

She continued, "After giving a lot of thought into it, I've decided to talk about it, although I'm a little careful." 

She went on, "Him and I are no longer together. We are just friends now. But I would like to say thank you for all the love and support you gave us up until now." 
U-KWONFirst met during a shooting of a music video, U-KWON and Jeon Sun-hye began dating each other in 2012. 

Back then, U-KWON revealed his relationship with Jeon Sun-hye through an official online fan community. 

Ever since they made their relationship public, U-KWON often spoke about Jeon Sun-hye and freely showed his love for her on various television shows. 
U-KWONPreviously in 2019, U-KWON even shared that he was planning on marrying Jeon Sun-hye on MBC's talk show 'Video Star'. 

At that time, U-KWON stated, "I'm going to the military to fulfil my national mandatory duty soon, and I actually wanted to marry my girlfriend before that." 

He added, "But it's not that easy, because of the finance and stuff. I'm still thinking hard on whether to marry her before or after the military." 
U-KWONIn the end, U-KWON served his national mandatory duty in the military first; he was in the military from May 2020 until November 2021. 

(Credit= 'sunhye_j' Instagram, MBC Video Star, Online Community) 

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