Lee Hyo-ri Says, "Hwa Sa Doesn't Reply to Uhm Jung Hwa's Texts Because She's Too Big Now"

By  Lee Narin  | May 2, 2022

Lee Hyo-ri Says, "Hwa Sa Doesn't Reply to Uhm Jung Hwa's Texts Because She's Too Big Now"
Singer Lee Hyo-ri shared a reason why she thinks Hwa Sa of K-pop girl group MAMAMOO does not reply to another singer Uhm Junghwa's text messages. 

On April 29 episode of TVING's television show 'Seoul Check-in', Lee Hyo-ri, Hwa Sa, Uhm Junghwa, K-pop artist BoA were seen visiting singer Kim Wan-sun's house. 

While planning for their upcoming event together, Uhm Jung Hwa said, "I'm totally free from March. I've got no work coming up at all then." 

Lee Hyo-ri responded, "In that case, come and visit me in Jeju Island!", which Uhm Jung Hwa agreed to. 
Seoul Check-inTo this, Hwa Sa said, "Oh, let me go with you to Jeju Island. Let me know when you are going! I want to go, too!" 

Then, Uhm Jung Hwa pulled an annoyed face and playfully said, "You're too busy that you don't even answer my calls. You never message me as well!" 

Lee Hyo-ri commented, "Hwa Sa is a girl who flies to Paris with a luxury purse. She looks down on us now, because she thinks she's way too big." 

She jokingly continued, "Her sunbae is not us. Her sunbae is someone like Beyonce." 
Seoul Check-inAs soon as Hwa Sa heard this, she burst into laughter and denied her claim, "No, no. It's not like that. It's not like that, really!" 

After that, all of them laughed at Lee Hyo-ri's joke and Hwa Sa's response, and just continued having fun talks and drinking the wine they were drinking. 
Seoul Check-inSeoul Check-inMeanwhile, Lee Hyo-ri, Hwa Sa, Uhm Junghwa, BoA and Kim Wan-sun are planning on forming a new project group called 'Performance Wanderers' (literal translation) with each other. 

(Credit= TVING Seoul Check-in) 

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