Park Bo Gum Shares a Heartfelt Letter to Fans Upon His Military Discharge

May 2, 2022

Park Bo Gum
Actor Park Bo Gum penned a heartfelt letter to his fans upon his recent discharge from the Navy.

On April 30, Park Bo Gum officially completed his mandatory military duty as a member of the military band and was discharged from the Navy.

Immediately after his discharge, Park Bo Gum took to his official fan community and shared a touching letter to fans.
Park Bo GumPark Bo GumPark Bo Gum's letter reads as follows:

Salute! Reporting. South Korea's Navy Sergeant Park Bo Gum has received an order to discharge from April 30, 2022, onwards. 

Salute, Bo Gum Welfare Department (Park Bo Gum's official fan club name)! 

The seventh season has passed, and I'm pleased to meet you all again in this warm spring day.

Thank you so much to everyone of Bo Gum Welfare Department for becoming my forever friend in this vast world, and for giving me strength by expressing your endless love and support.

How have my forever friends been doing?

I spent the past 20 months fulfilling all the things that I had planned when I first started my duties in the Navy.

I used my off-duty time to work out, read, and attain certifications for certain skills―spending the time meaningfully.

It's a pity to end my life as a Navy as I had been able to fully focus on myself and learn more about myself during this time where some days passed by slowly and others faster.

Most importantly, there were good times thanks to the gentlemen I met (in the Navy) who are respectful and considerate to each other.

I hope that you will be able to spend your days peacefully with smile, ending each day feeling, "Today was good," or "It was great!"

Let's be together again in the shining future.
Park Bo GumMeanwhile, Park Bo Gum is scheduled to resume his activity by hosting the upcoming 'Baeksang Arts Awards' alongside singer/actress Suzy and entertainer Shin Dong-yup.

(Credit= Bo Gum Welfare Department, Republic of Korea Navy)

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