"My Wedding Gift Will Be..." Ji Suk-jin Thinks Kim Jong-kook & Song Ji-hyo Are Secretly Dating

By  Lee Narin  | May 2, 2022

"My Wedding Gift Will Be..." Ji Suk-jin Thinks Kim Jong-kook & Song Ji-hyo Are Secretly Dating
Entertainer Ji Suk-jin shared that he thinks singer Kim Jong-kook and actress Song Ji-hyo might actually be together. 

On May 1 episode of SBS' television show 'Running Man', model Joo Woo Jae made a guest appearance. 

While the 'Running Man' members and guests headed to the next destination on a bus, Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo were seen having a cute argument. 

Joo Woo Jae asked Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo a question about their personality test result, and Kim Jong-kook revealed that he got an INFJ on it. 
Running ManAfter that, Song Ji-hyo stated that she got the same result and added, "Why don't you care more about me, oppa? Why do I have to remember this myself? You could've remembered it and told him about it yourself." 

To this, Kim Jong-kook awkwardly laughed, not knowing how exactly he should respond. 

As Joo Woo Jae watched the two stars having a 'love fight', Joo Woo Jae smiled and commented, "I love this. I'm a huge fan of their on-air romance." 

He continued, "I have more hopes of them being actually together in real life, because they're not. I feel like there is a chance, you know." 
Running ManYu Jae Seok responded, "You shouldn't think about the two going out in real life though. That's what I think." 

Then, Ji Suk-jin said, "No, no. You never know when it comes to this sort of stuff. They might be secretly going out with each other now."

He added, "If they end up getting married, I'll give them a big screen television, and a large refrigerator."

In response to this, Kim Jong-kook playfully commented, "Hyung, I'm sorry but... Don't think too far. I don't want you to come to my wedding even if I'm getting married, okay? Don't come!", making everybody laugh. 
Running ManRunning Man(Credit= SBS Running Man) 

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