DARA Shares What She Wanted to Tell Fans Who Gave Her Confidence After 2NE1 Disbanded

By  Lee Narin  | May 3, 2022

DARA Shares What She Wanted to Tell Fans Who Gave Her Confidence After 2NE1 Disbanded
K-pop artist DARA shared what she wanted to tell fans who gave her confidence after the disbandment of girl group 2NE1. 

On April 29, fashion magazine VOGUE KOREA uploaded a video of DARA speaking about what she does before she goes to bed. 

DARA stated that she enjoys listening to music before she sleeps, because it eases her mind and makes her feel relaxed. 

Then, she started reading out part of the lyrics of singer Kim Dong Ryul's song 'Thanks'. 

The song went, "I'll truly love myself so that nobody would feel ashamed for saying that I'm theirs. I'll make sure to love you lots so that I'll never regret not loving you enough." 

It also went like, "I think I finally know why I was born into this world. It was to meet and love you until death do us part. Someone gave me this opportunity for me to be happy." 
DARAAfter reading the lyrics out in a calm and quiet voice, DARA commented, "I tried to read it in a tone that fits the time of the day. It's a song that is filled with the kind of stuff that I want to say to all my fans." 

The K-pop star continued, "Actually, when 2NE1 disbanded, a lot of our fans felt devastated and became lost. But they always gave me great support and energy by telling me, 'DARA, be confident! You can do it!'"

She went on, "Whenever they said that to me, I wanted to sing this song to them. I didn't want them to feel ashamed of being my fan, 2NE1 fan...", then choked up after saying this. 
DARAWith teary eyes, DARA added, "I'm a little sad that I can't sing the song for them, as it's too low for me, but I'm happy that I was able to read the lyrics to them myself today." 

She then sent a brief but heartfelt message to fans, "I'll do my best at all times so that you never feel embarrassed to say that you're my fan. I love you guys!" 

2NE1 made debut in 2009, and disbanded in 2016 at the end of the contract with their management agency YG Entertainment.

(Credit= YG Entertainment, 'VOGUE KOREA' YouTube) 

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