iKON BOBBY Says "Nothing Has Changed" After Getting Married & Having a Child

May 3, 2022

BOBBY of K-pop boy group iKON stated that nothing has changed about him as BOBBY even after his marriage.

On May 3, iKON held the group's comeback showcase in celebration of the release of its 4th mini album 'FLASHBACK'.
iKONOn this day, BOBBY was asked how his attitude has changed after getting married and welcoming his child.

To this, BOBBY shared, "I believe that my identity as iKON's BOBBY and as the person Kim Ji-won (BOBBY's real name) are separated."

He continued, "As a member of iKON and as BOBBY, nothing has changed. I'm giving my best effort without holding anything back."
iKONiKONBOBBY also talked about the group's dramatic style change with the new album.

He said, "This album contains tracks that are definitely reminiscent of iKON's past style, but also genres that are comparatively new."

He added, "We believe that our fans will understand the meaning behind the album's title 'FLASHBACK' by listening to the album. iKON will strive to become a group that continues to seek new styles and trends."

(Credit= YG Entertainment)

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