One Restaurant Becomes Popular After Song Kang Visits; but He Says He Never Visited It

By  Lee Narin  | May 3, 2022

One Restaurant Becomes Popular After Song Kang Visits; but He Says He Never Visited It
Actor Song Kang revealed a shocking truth behind one popular restaurant. 

Back in April last year, a post on an online community quickly spread online. 

In the post, there was a photo of people lining up to get into a restaurant. 

The uploader wrote, "I think that guy with a mask is Song Kang. I wasn't brave enough to go up to him and say hi though."  
After this post was posted on the Internet, the restaurant became 'a must-visit place where even Song Kang waited in line for'.
Song KangThen recently, Song Kang took time to reply to fans' posts on his official online fan community. 

One fan left a comment to Song Kang saying, "It must be hard for you to eat at that restaurant these days. It's become so famous after you made a visit. The line's become much longer now." 

In his reply to this comment, Song Kang wrote, "I've heard of this place being where I made a visit, but the truth is, I've never visited it before." 

He continued, "In fact, I don't even know where it is. Is it any good? I'll go and try it if it's good." 

As fans told him about the photo of him lining up, Song Kang wrote, "When did I go there? Is that really me? What...?"

It genuinely seemed like he had no clue about the restaurant and why people thought it was him in the photo. 
Song KangBut fans continued to told him that it was a good restaurant even after the removal of 'the Song Kang effect' afterwards. 

In response to this, Song Kang shared a screenshot of the restaurant chains located in Seoul and commented, "As things already turned out to be like this, I might as well just go to one of them soon. Which one shall I go to? Hmm..."
Song KangRegarding the topic, Song Kang's management agency also gave an official response on May 3. 

The agency said, "As Song Kang said himself, he doesn't know about this restaurant. We believe the initial uploader mistaken another guy for Song Kang, but that post went too viral." 

(Credit= Online Community, 'songkang_b' Instagram, TVING The Must-try Restaurants) 

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