Do Nam Joo Hyuk & GREE Look Alike? Here's the Comparison

May 4, 2022

Nam Joo Hyuk, GREE
Comedian Kim Gu Ra's son/rapper GREE apologized after a photo of him being compared to actor Nam Joo Hyuk became a hot topic online.

On May 2, GREE took to his personal Instagram and shared screenshots of an online post that recently went viral.
Nam Joo Hyuk, GREEThe post compared photos of GREE in a mask with Nam Joo Hyuk, and captioned, "If you just look at the eyes, (you see) Nam Joo Hyuk...?!"

To this, GREE wrote, "I'll be taking strong action. First things first, I'm sorry to everyone. I'm definitely not the one who spread this."

He continued, "During my 17 years of career in the entertainment industry, I have never been in the position of explaining my perspective. I'd rather be in the middle of a scandal. Once again, I sincerely apologize to (Nam Joo Hyuk's) fans worldwide."
Nam Joo Hyuk, GREENam Joo Hyuk, GREETo GREE's hilarious response, fans commented, "Hey, but you guys really do look alike!", "Rather be in a scandal, LOL. But I do see it!", "I wonder how Nam Joo Hyuk would respond to this.", and more.

(Credit= 'greestvg' 'mole_movie' Instagram, Online Community)

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