"The Perfect Celeb!" Suzy Changes Into over 10 Gorgeous Outfits in PSY's 'Celeb' MV

By  Lee Narin  | May 4, 2022

"The Perfect Celeb!" Suzy Changes Into over 10 Gorgeous Outfits in PSY's 'Celeb' MV
K-pop artist/actress Suzy was spotted changing into over 10 different outfits in singer PSY's new music video. 

On April 29, PSY released his latest album 'PSY 9th', which marked PSY's first release since his eight album '4X2=8' in 2017.  

Produced by PSY and K-pop artist ZICO, 'Celeb' is the third track of the album that was first revealed at PSY's concert 'PSY Water Show - Summer Swag' back in 2019.  

Everybody became excited after listening to another unique PSY-style upbeat dance music and they could not wait for the release of the music video for 'Celeb' as well. 

It was because it was previously announced that Suzy was going to be in the music video.
SuzyThen on May 3, PSY finally released the music video for 'Celeb' featuring Suzy. 

Suzy energetically danced with PSY, and also made playful and funny gestures with PSY throughout the music video. 

Since Suzy acted as the 'celebrity', she put on a different outfit in each scene. 

All these outfits highlighted her beauty, elegance and cuteness. 
SuzyThere was no outfit that she looked bad in; she looked absolutely cute and gorgeous in all of them. 

It turned out she wore as many as 13 outfits from the start until the end of the music video. 

After watching this, everyone could totally see why PSY wanted Suzy to be the 'celebrity' in his music video for 'Celeb', because she was totally just 'celebrity' in every way.  

(Credit= 'officialpsy' YouTube) 

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