Everyone Is Talking About IVE WONYOUNG's Flawless Skin in Unedited Photos

By  Lee Narin  | May 4, 2022

Everyone Is Talking About IVE WONYOUNG's Flawless Skin in Unedited Photos
WONYOUNG of K-pop girl group IVE's flawless skin is in the center of attention. 

On April 30, IVE's fan signing event took place at one event hall in Seoul. 

At this fan signing event, WONYOUNG wore a stage outfit that she wore for the 'LOVE DIVE' performance during the recording of MBC's music show 'Music Core' earlier that day.

She had styled herself with wavy hair, long silver chained earrings, round silver necklace, white crop top, beige crop jacket and beige baggy pants. 
WONYOUNGWONYOUNG looked as beautiful as always on this day, and the lucky fans who won the ticket to the event took lots of photos/videos of her. 

Countless photos/videos of WONYOUNG were shared online following the event, but two specific photos grabbed much more attention than others.

They were close-up photos of WONYOUNG taken by one of girl group fansite masters that were taken with a professional digital camera. 
WONYOUNGThis fansite master shared the photos on her social media and wrote, "I didn't make any edits to these photos, by the way." 

She continued, "I had to share these, because her skin is just unbelievable in them. I had to make the world know about it." 
In the photos, WONYOUNG looks to the side and makes a heart with her hands. 

Although the photos are not edited in any ways, there was nothing seen on WONYOUNG's skin, even her pores were unseen. 

Her skin also looked indescribably soft; it was simply flawless. 
WONYOUNGAfter seeing these photos, K-pop fans have left comments such as, "Is that real? How does one's skin look like that?", "You seriously have to be born with that sort of skin. She was just born to be a K-pop star!", "Wow, she has everything in this world, doesn't she?!" and so on. 

(Credit= 'E0D1F3' 'yul_2cup' Twitter) 

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