PSY Shares a Funny Story Behind Casting of Song Joong Ki & Lee Byung Hun in His MVs

By  Lee Narin  | May 6, 2022

PSY Shares a Funny Story Behind Casting of Song Joong Ki & Lee Byung Hun in His MVs
Singer PSY revealed a hilarious story behind casting of actors Song Joong Ki and Lee Byung Hun in his music videos. 

On May 4 episode of MBC's television show 'Radio Star', PSY made a guest appearance. 

During the talk, the hosts mentioned the interesting fact that PSY's music video always features a top celebrity. 

PSY laughed and commented, "I consistently try hard to get top celebrities to join me in my music videos, and I have my own ways of doing that." 

He continued, "Song Joong Ki featured in my label artist Heize's music video 'HAPPEN' last year. That is one hell of a story to tell, actually." 

He went on, "I used a different tactic to my usual one then. I first managed to get his phone number. Then, I asked him about how he was doing and stuff for like two weeks, without telling him the main reason why I reached him." 
PSYPSY explained that Song Joong Ki was busy filming his drama 'Vincenzo' at that time.

The singer said, "So, I would tell him about my thoughts on the drama, tell him to eat well, take care of his health as it's the change of seasons and so on." 

He laughingly resumed, "In the end, Song Joong Ki was like, 'Stop asking me how I am! Tell me the reason why you contacted me!'" 

Then, the hosts asked whether there was any celebrity who continued to decline his casting offer for a long time. 

PSY answered, "Ah yes, Lee Byung Hun was in my 'I LUV IT' music video in 2017, and it took me like five to six years to get him to be in the music video." 

He added, "I absorbed him little by little.", then laughed out loud.  

Following that, PSY showed off SUGA of K-pop boy group SUGA starring in his 'That That' music video and K-pop artist Suzy leading 'Celeb' music video with him this year. 

(Credit= MBC Radio Star, 'officialpsy' 'Heize official' YouTube) 

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