BTS SUGA Updates Fans on the Condition of His Shoulder

May 6, 2022

SUGA of K-pop boy group BTS gave an honest update to fans about his shoulder condition.

On May 4, SUGA took to BTS' official V LIVE channel to hold a solo live broadcast.

During the live broadcast, SUGA honestly shared the current state of his shoulder.
BTS SUGAIn regard to the condition of his shoulder, SUGA said, "When you look at it up close, the angle of my right arm and the angle of my left arm are different when I move them."

He added, "Following the surgery, I definitely can feel that my shoulder is firm and restricted. If I move it more than a certain angle, it's painful."
BTS SUGABack in November 2020, SUGA undergone a shoulder surgery to repair his torn shoulder labrum.

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BTS SUGAThe BTS member has dealt with continued pain on his left shoulder after he was hit by a car while driving a motorcycle before his debut.

He has continued to receive necessary treatment to prevent further injury throughout his career, but the agency revealed that the pain have appeared with increasing frequency in recent years.


(SBS Star)