Kim Jong-kook Gives His Niece a Special Children's Day Gift: Fan Meeting with TXT SOOBIN

By  Lee Narin  | May 6, 2022

Kim Jong-kook Gives His Niece a Special Children's Day Gift: Fan Meeting with TXT SOOBIN
Singer Kim Jong-kook gave a special Children's Day gift to her 13-year-old niece Li-won.  

On May 5, Kim Jong-kook updated his YouTube channel with a new video. 

In this video, Kim Jong-kook was seen spending time with Li-won at his place, explaining that she is the only 'child' in his family to meet on the Children's Day. 

Kim Jong-kook stated, "I practically raised you when you were young, Li-won. Let's check how much you know about me." 

Then, he threw some questions to Li-won, asking her if she knew the year he made debut, which song he made debut with, the date of his birthday and so on, but she did not know any of them nor showed much interest. 
Kim Jong-kookWhile speaking, Kim Jong-kook said to her, "I've heard that you recently started liking one K-pop group. The group's name is TOMORROW X TOGETHER(TXT), right? I've studied about them, all because of you." 

As soon as Kim Jong-kook mentioned TXT, Li-won's eyes sparkled and answered, "Yes, I even went to their fan live not so long ago. SOOBIN is my bias." 

When Kim Jong-kook asked why she liked SOOBIN the most, she repeatedly said that it was because he was good-looking and tall. 
Kim Jong-kookDuring their talk, SOOBIN slipped into Kim Jong-kook's place, pretending to be a cameraman. 

Since this was part of Kim Jong-kook's plan, Kim Jong-kook asked Li-won to look at the camera that he was holding and send a video message to SOOBIN. 

Li-won, who had no idea that the cameraman was SOOBIN, said that she would keep supporting him, and she loves him.

A short moment after she finished sending the message, her mouth suddenly dropped in shock after looking at the 'cameraman'. 

That was when Kim Jong-kook revealed his surprise, "As it's Children's Day, I wanted to give you something special, Li-won. Here's SOOBIN. Did you know that it was SOOBIN?" 

Li-won nodded and said, "I looked at him earlier, and he was too good-looking, so...", making SOOBIN and Kim Jong-kook laugh.  
Kim Jong-kookSOOBIN sat right next to Li-won, and Li-won blushed and covered her mouth in shyness while they talked. 

But Li-won still got to ask questions to SOOBIN, and also get a hug from him. 

At the end of the video, Kim Jong-kook stated, "I know some fans may say that Li-won was privileged to meet SOOBIN simply because she's my niece. But I honestly just wanted to give a special gift to Li-won. So, please think it like it was a good way to let more people know about TXT." 

(Credit= '김종국 GYM JONG KOOK' YouTube) 

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