VIDEO: MONSTA X KIHYUN Instantly Recognizes a Fan Who Was His Classmate Ages Ago

By  Lee Narin  | May 6, 2022

VIDEO: MONSTA X KIHYUN Instantly Recognizes a Fan Who Was His Classmate Ages Ago
KIHYUN of K-pop boy group MONSTA X immediately recognized a fan who was his classmate years ago. 

On May 5, MONSTA X held a fan signing event in celebration of the release of the group's 11th mini album 'SHAPE of LOVE'. 

At this fan signing event, KIHYUN met a special fan, who actually used to be his classmate back in school. 

This fan explained that she used to be in the same class as KIHYUN a long time ago, but started liking MONSTA X without knowing that KIHYUN was that KIHYUN from her school. 

After she began liking MONSTA X, KIHYUN entered her heart and eventually became her ultimate bias. 

For about two months, she was busy fangirling KIHYUN, still not knowing that he was that boy in her neighborhood when she was young. 

But one day, she finally realized that KIHYUN was her classmate KIHYUN.
KIHYUNShe luckily won the ticket to the fan signing event, and got to meet KIHYUN in person on this day. 

As soon as KIHYUN saw her and her name, his eyes widened and mouth dropped open in surprise. 

Although she was wearing a mask, he had recognized her right away. 

She said that she had not expected that he would recognize her at all, but felt thankful and sorry that he did, when it took her two months to know who he was.  
KIHYUNKIHYUN asked her in disbelief, "Is this for real? Is this really you that I know? Seriously? How long has it been? How have you been?" 

The fan answered, "Yeah, it's been some years, indeed. I've been doing well. I'm just busy working." 

KIHYUN laughed and responded, "Wow, we've grown up, haven't we? I mean, we're definitely getting old, our age is..."

Unfortunately, the time was up and she had to move on after this, so the fan could not tell him everything she wanted to tell him. 

The fan stated that she had written and given a handwritten letter to KIHYUN that she will continue to support him though. 
(Credit= 'charmingmonsta' Twitter) 

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