Kim Seon Ho Shares a Heartfelt Letter to His Fans

May 9, 2022

Kim Seon Ho
Actor Kim Seon Ho gave an update to his fans with a long letter, hinting at his return.

On May 7, Kim Seon Ho took to his official fan community and shared a letter to his fans.
Kim Seon HoKim Seon Ho began, "It feels like summer already. Time really flies. I still can't decide―even at the moment of writing this―if I'm too late or how I should start this letter off."

He continued, "Sometimes, a month felt like a year while there were other times I couldn't follow up with the time that has passed me by. That made me hard to manage my emotions. I believe you would have gone through the same because of me. I'm sorry that I have made you to go through a hard time due to my shortfalls. I know how hard it is to heal after getting heartbroken. I'm sincerely sorry to those who supported me because I fear that you would have a scar on your heart."
Kim Seon HoThe actor went on, "Thanks to you, however, my time is slowly on track. I'm a little hesitant about how this letter will be understood by you, but I hope everyone who is supporting me would have a time that goes by on your terms; not too fast or not too slow."

He wrapped up his letter by saying, "I will cherish every single one of your supportive messages from Korea and abroad, so that I can become a better actor and a person. I once again apologize, and I hope you are always happy and healthy. Thank you for staying by my side, and I won't leave you waiting too long."
Kim Seon HoBack in October 2021, a woman claiming to be Kim Seon Ho's ex-girlfriend revealed online that she had an abortion after she unexpectedly got pregnant.

At the time, Kim Seon Ho shared, "It is true that I was in a relationship, and had good feelings for her. But I hurt her feelings because of my inconsiderate and careless behavior," admitting the alleged scandal.

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