UKISS HOON Says He Is Marrying Former Girl's Day Hwang Ji-sun in the End of This Month

By  Lee Narin  | May 9, 2022

UKISS HOON Says He Is Marrying Former Girl's Day Hwang Ji-sun in the End of This Month
HOON of K-pop boy group UKISS announced that he is marrying former girl group Girl's Day's member Hwang Ji-sun. 

On May 6, HOON took to his Instagram to share big news to fans through a handwritten letter. 

HOON said, "I'm nervous to break this news to you, but I thought it would be best for me to deliver it myself, even though that may mean I would be hurting some of your feelings. I thought it was a must that I personally let you know this important decision that I made in life, as I've received so much love from you." 

He continued, "This might surprise you, since I'm breaking it to you all of a sudden, but I've taken up my courage as I believe you will bless and support me." 
UKISS HOONThen, HOON revealed that he currently has a girlfriend whose name is Hwang Ji-sun. 

HOON stated, "You may have heard about her, because she's been active in the industry for a long time, doing various things. She respects my work, greatly looks after my family and takes you more important than any other group of people in the world. I've decided that I wanted to marry my girlfriend, and we're actually getting married on May 29." 

He resumed, "Despite the fact that I'm about to begin a new chapter in life, I'll promise not to stop my career as UKISS' HOON. I'll keep going forward with the love and support that I've received from you until now." 

He went on, "I also would like to take this time to thank the members of UKISS and the staff at my management agency for being supportive of my decision. Thank you for reading such a long letter. Thank you, my fans." 
UKISS HOONLater on the same day, HOON's management agency revealed that Hwang Ji-sun is a former member of Girl's Day. 

Hwang Ji-sun left Girl's Day in 2010, then she re-debuted as a member of 4-member girl group ShaFLA in 2018. 

HOON and Hwang Ji-sun said to have met while they were shooting a project together in the past; they dated for years before they recently chose to marry one another.
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