HeeChul Reveals He Has Never Met Girls SiWon Has Dated for the Last 20 Years

By  Lee Narin  | May 9, 2022

HeeChul Reveals He Has Never Met Girls SiWon Has Dated for the Last 20 Years
HeeChul of K-pop boy group Super Junior revealed that he has never met any girls that his fellow member SiWon has dated for the last 20 years. 

On May 8 episode of SBS' television show 'My Little Old Boy', the members of the show visited SiWon's home. 

They arrived at SiWon's place before him, and made a street-bar-like place in his living room for a surprise birthday party.  

When SiWon arrived, he was taken aback after seeing how his living room turned out and asked where all his stuff went. 

HeeChul playfully answered, "We threw all of them away. We wanted you to break out of your 'gentle' image today." 

He continued, "You know, you are always trying too hard to be perfect. No girls like that. Look at me, I'm a total clean freak. That's why I'm a failure at 40.", then laughed. 
My Little Old BoyOn top of that, Kim Jun-ho added, "Yeah, that's what I think as well. You shouldn't be too pefect. That's how you get girls' attention. You've got to stimulate their mother's instinct." 

He went on, "But girls are unable to come closer to you, as you seem too perfect; there is nothing they can do to take better care of you." 

HeeChul once again emphasized that SiWon was way too perfect, "I'm a clean freak outside, but you are a clean freak inside." 

He resumed, "Are you going to only drink wine for the rest of your life? You've got to drink soju (Korea's most popular liquor) or makgeolli (Korean rice wine) every now and then!" 
My Little Old BoyA few minutes later, SiWon got up from his seat to get something. 

As soon as SiWon left, HeeChul shared a surprising fact to the members.

He said, "I've known SiWon for like 20 years, but I've never met any girls that he's ever dated, whether they were his girlfriends or girls who he was simply getting to know." 
My Little Old Boy(Credit= SBS My Little Old Boy) 

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