Lee Hyo-ri Says She Used to Avoid Eating Until Evening When She Had to Wear a Crop Top

By  Lee Narin  | May 9, 2022

Lee Hyo-ri Says She Used to Avoid Eating Until Evening When She Had to Wear a Crop Top
K-pop artist Lee Hyo-ri said she used to avoid eating until evening when she had to wear a crop top during '10 Minutes' days. 

On May 6 episode of TVING's original show 'Seoul Check-in', Lee Hyo-ri was seen spending time in Seoul with her friends from Jeju Island who are also into yoga like herself.

While they were having a meal together in the evening, Lee Hyo-ri made a playful remark.

She laughingly said, "I didn't eat in the past, because I didn't want my stomach to stick out in a crop top, but these days, my stomach sticks out even when I don't eat anything." 
Lee Hyo-riThen, Lee Hyo-ri reminisced the time when she was promoting her song '10 Minutes'. 

At that time, Lee Hyo-ri performed her '10 Minutes' performances wearing a crop top and shorts. 
Lee Hyo-ri said, "I woke up at like seven to eight in the morning for rehearsals for music shows then. I didn't eat anything after the rehearsal." 

She continued, "I would let myself starve until like four to five in the afternoon. I ate nothing until then. I feel like I've driven my body too hard when I was young." 
Lee Hyo-riAfter that, Lee Hyo-ri said that yoga gave her peace in her mind. 

Lee Hyo-ri stated, "My mind is filled with positive energy and good feelings now, and I wouldn't have that if it wasn't for yoga." 

She went on, "As I learned and taught yoga, I had never felt empty at heart as well."  
Lee Hyo-riReleased in August 2003, '10 Minutes' was a mega-hit track, known for Lee Hyo-ri's powerful and sexy performance. 

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